How to Play Flexagon Defence Series

These videos provide a easy-to-understand introduction to playing Flexagon Defence. To learn how to train Flex, see the How to Train Hex/Flex page. To see how Flex compares to other defences, plus some more video examples of Flex in action, check out the Spectrum of Defence video on Patreon. For more info, check out the Flex Defence Principles page. Videos on “How to Train Flex” will be available to $8+ patrons.

Felix introduces his team defence, a hybrid between 1-to-1 matchup and area-based zones, utilising switches and sandwiches with no poaching.
Flex punishes teams for using stacks or predictable movements, Felix and the Brighton / Sussex teams have been developing it since 2012 and recently used it to win their region and then the UK Uni Nationals 2019 title.
This video shows how defenders can be more efficient and effective by switching marks, sandwiching, and surrounding stacks – first with an on-screen moving diagram, then with a video example of Flex in action earlier this year.

Part 2 of the Flexagon Defence series focuses on switching – early vs late, the triggers you can look for on the field, reactive vs proactive, and pre-empting switches. Felix explains in detail with help from animated illustrations, and video examples of 8 different switches with analysis.
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