Darryl Stanley & Felix analyse USA v Canada in the 2019 WU24 Men’s Final

Darryl Stanley joins Felix Shardlow to analyse USA v Canada in the 2019 WU24 Men’s Final. Darryl was coaching USA in this game, and Felix was operating camera 1.

1st half analysis session recording is now available to patrons / for 1 buck.

2nd half will be free to watch live on Friday 12th June @ 5pm UK / 6pm CEST / 12noon EDT, after which it will also be available for patrons.

Bryan Jones & Felix analyse Bravo v Revolver: 2014 WUCC Semi Final

Bryan Jones joins Felix analysing the first part of the 2014 WUCC Semi Final between Johnny Bravo (Boulder) and Revolver (San Francisco).

Part 2 is available at the felixultimate patreon page. Parts 3 (&4?) coming soon!

Part 2 of the analysis of Machine’s Comeback during the USAU Nationals 2019 Final vs Sockeye

Sockeye v Machine: Machine’s Comeback (Part 2) – Analysis of the USAU Nationals 2019 Final from r/ultimate

Rhino v Doublewide: Freechild’s universe point layout D

DYLAN FREECHILD! Saves the Game (+ analysis) from r/ultimate

1st half – Rhino v Doublewide Film Session with Russ Allen

2nd half – Rhino v Doublewide Film Session with Russ Allen

Film Session Weds: Rhino v Doublewide – 2012 Labor Day Pool Play

Russ Allen (sloecrush/beastplains) joins Felix analysing the first half of the 2012 Labor Day pool play match between Rhino (Oregon) and Doublewide (Texas).

2nd half analysis available here.

Colombia v USA @ World Games 2017: Choco’s story behind the Universe point call

#52 Mauricio ‘Choco’ Martinez speaks about the climactic play during universe point at the World Games 2017, where George Stubbs calls a foul on a layout D from Choco. This audio was recorded during the post-film session beehive Q&A / hangout on the felixultimate Discord – apologies for the audio quality. To join the discord server and get involved with future post-film-session Q&As, join the felixultimate beehive here.

Cartagena Threads Laser Inside Flick past 3 US Defenders

Clip taken from Friday’s Film Session – watch the whole thing by joining the felixultimate beehive, where yesterday the Colombian players joined for a Q&A session after the stream.

Mauricio Moore explains how the “I trust you” mantra revolutionised the approach to SOTG in Colombia, with some unexpected results

Clip taken from Wednesday’s Film Session – continued on Friday at [ 12noonEDT / 11amCST / 5pmBST / 4pmUTC ] live on YouTube (free live, or watch later for $1).

Film Session: Mauricio Moore joins for USA v Colombia – 2017 World Games Pool Play Analysis

Mauricio Moore joins Felix analysing the second half of the 2017 World Games Pool Play match between USA and Colombia’s Mixed teams. Good footage of the 1st half of this game does not exist – to the best of our knowledge. Let us know otherwise!

The second half will be free to watch live on felixultimate YouTube on Friday (5pm UK / 4pm UTC / 11am CST / 12noon EDT), and will then be made patron-only for 1 week – becoming a patron is quick and easy, with a minimum donation of $1: patreon.com/felixultimate