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Offences vs Defences: Training to counter your opponent effectively

Introduction: In this article I will be seeing how a selection of common offences match up to a selection of common defences in Ultimate, and whether any conclusions can be drawn about the most effective offences / defences for teams to spend time learning in order to efficiently counter their opponents’. When planning what strategies […]

Catching / Throwing Technique

Clap catching: Clap catch at chest is most reliable catch when you have time and space Aim for perfection – both hands touch the center of the disc at the same time, fingers splayed, watch disc into hands Use legs to move body / jump / go to ground to get the centre of your […]

Felix’s Guide to Catching & Throwing

Felix’s Guide to Catching & Throwing v1.1 10/04/2017 Almost all scores and turnovers in well-matched Ultimate games are down to throws & catches. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time over the years throwing around, and yet I still learn something new every time I go out for a chuck around. For the purposes of […]

Hexagon Offence v2.1

First published 1st Jan 2013 v 2.1 – 15/7/14 Also available in French / en Français NB: This documentation is now out of date – please see the links from the menu for the most up-to-date version “Hex Offence” covers any offence which plays to the hexagon shape on the field as described in the […]

Flexagon Defence

(c) Felix Shardlow v.0.97 28/04/2015 Also available in French / en Français Part of a series: Flexagon Defence Advanced Flex Part I: Counter-Strategies Advanced Flex Part II: Communication Advanced Flex Part III: The Stall 3 Game-Changer Intro Flexagon approaches defence from a new angle, bringing together elements of person-to-person defence and zonal defence. Flex is neither […]