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Felix is an Ultimate Frisbee player (since 2000), coach (since 2002), strategist, and coach educator from Brighton, UK. He currently plays for GB Beach Men’s Masters, coaches the Sussex University Mohawks team, and travels around the world delivering Hex Clinics – including St Andrews, Southampton, Latvia, Macedonia, and South Africa. He invented Hexagon Offence and Flexagon Defence – strategies which encompass new approaches to the game, and embrace a fresh new philosophy.
He has won many titles as a player, including: Open Indoor National Champion (2005), European Mixed Club Champion (2009), UK Mixed Club Champion (2010), and UK Open Club Champion (2011), as well as being a runner-up with Great Britain Open at the 2011 European Ultimate Championships. As a coach he’s won UK Junior Nationals (2008), University Open Outdoor Nationals – twice (2011, 2012), University Women’s Outdoor Nationals seven times (2007-2014), and several University Indoor titles. He also coached the Great Britain U23 Mixed team to a 5th place finish at the 2015 U23 World Championships.
Individual players whom Felix has coached from beginner- to international-standard include:
  • Ashley Yeo (Clapham 2012+, GB Open 2015+)
  • Beccie Haigh (Iceni 2011+, GB 2011+)
  • Hayden Slaughter (GB Open 2015+)
  • Megan Hurst (GB 2010+)
  • Hannah Brew (GB 2013+)
  • Callum Ayers (GB Open 2012+)
  • Alizé “Bob” Clough (GB 2007+)
  • Richard “Gash” Harris (Clapham 2007+, GB 2007+)
  • Kai Yokoo (Clapham 2005+, GB 2007+)
  • Elliot Canning (GB 2015+)
  • Josh “Geezer” George (GB 2015+)
  • Also: Anastasia “Starzy” Riordan-Eva, Becca Easey, Abi Cohman, Christianne Birtwhistle, Nanna Aaserod (Norway), Mette Moller-Nielsen (Denmark), Maxine Tink, Vicki James, Robbie Haines, Richard Roberts, Joe Butler, James Wotherspoon, Nick White, Jack Beezer,
 Since 2006, Felix has been running Push Pass Productions, the main source of high quality European Ultimate footage for players and fans – covering the UK and European Club Championships each year.

In 2004, Felix was a key founder of Brighton Ultimate – now the biggest Ultimate club in Europe. He has been training and playing at the top level since the year 2000 without taking a break, and coaching regularly since 2002 at levels ranging from primary schools through to Universities and Great Britain teams. He has introduced Ultimate to over 1700 kids aged 8-12 in the last two years, and has likely taught more than 4000 players how to throw a disc.


Felix’s CV / Resumé:

Felix Shardlow

Level 1 Qualified Ultimate Coach & Coach Educator, with International Coaching Experience

Ultimate Coaching Experience:

2002: became captain & coach of the Sussex Uni club, who were then ranked ~30th in the country

2002present: continued to coach at Sussex with significant improvement in performance and player numbers, winning several National Championships and finishing consistently in the top 8 in the country

2004: begun coaching the new Brighton Ultimate club (non-university, city team)

2004-present: coach of the Brighton Ultimate club, improving from 11th in the country in 2004 to being European Mixed Club Champions in 2009, Mixed National Champions in 2010, and consistently top 5 at the UK Open National Championships

2006-present: coach of the Sussex Uni women’s team, 7 times National Champions between 2007-2014

2008: official UK Ultimate Coach Award Level 1 qualification

2009: coached Brighton‘s Junior team to UKU U20 Outdoor Nationals victory

2010-present: coach of the Brighton University team, going from 16th at Regionals in 2009-10 to 7th in 2014-15

2013: became a qualified UKU Level 1 Coach Educator (has currently delivered the course 5 times)

2015: introduced Ultimate to 850 kids aged 7-12 in 11 primary schools in & around Brighton

2015: coached the Great Britain Under 23 Mixed team to a 5th place finish (of 12) at the World Championships

2015: took the UKU Level 2 coaching course main module – minor modules yet to be completed

2016: Appointed Youth Participation Officer at Brighton Ultimate

Currently coaching: 6 hours at Sussex University and 3 hours at Brighton University during term time, 2 hours with Brighton City during the season

Ultimate Playing Experience:

2000-2004: played the sport at Sussex University for the Mohawks

2004-present: played for Brighton Ultimate (non-university local city team), moved from bring ranked 11th to being ranked 3rd in the UK

2005: won UK Open Indoor Nationals with Brighton– became an open indoor national champion

2006: competed at World Championships in Perth, Australia, with London team Thundering Herd

2009: won most valuable player award in Final of Mixed Outdoor Nationals (finished 2nd)

2009: won European Club Championships (mixed division) with Brighton Ultimate club

2010: won UK Mixed Outdoor Nationals – became a mixed outdoor national champion

2011: played for Great Britain Open team in European Championships – finished 2nd

2011: played for Clapham Ultimate – 1st at UK Open Outdoor Nationals, 2nd at European Club Championships

2012-2015: played for Brighton City, finishing consistently in the top 4 at Nationals in the Open Division

2016: Played for Brighton Breezy (Mixed), finishing 4th at UKU Nationals

->2017: WCBU 2017 with GB Men’s Masters

Ultimate Organising:

2002: ran first tournament at Sussex University – 60 players

2003: hosted official 16-team South-East University Open Indoor Regionals tournament (tournament director) – 130 players

2004: co-founded & created the organisational / committee structure for the Brighton Ultimate club (non-university, city team), now the biggest club in Europe – 120 members

2005: as part of role of “South East Uni Regional Coordinator”, organised first local league events in the South-East region for universities to regularly compete against each other (as opposed to going away for an entire weekend)

2005: hosted Southern University Women’s Indoor Regionals tournament – 120 players

2006: created Brighton Beyond, the annual outdoor Brighton Ultimate tournament – 170 players

2007-present: member of the UKU Competitions Committee, and UKU Scheduling Group

2007: created the fortnightly league, Winter Indoor Brighton League – 70 players

2007-09: role of University Women’s Coordinator

2008: created a Brighton Summer League (became Draft in 2012) – 90 players

2011-present: organising weekly league events all-year round, both indoors and outdoors

2016: elected Vice President and Youth Participation Officer for Brighton Ultimate

2015-16: introduced Ultimate to local primary schools – running sessions for over 1700 kids aged 8-12, and created a local primary school competition

Education & Other work:

Graduated from Sussex University in 2004 with a 2:2 BA in Philosophy with Cognitive & Computing Science

2006-2007: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd (publisher) – Assistant Technical Advisor, completed a thorough QA scan & fix of all digital content recently published online, conducting audits and batch corrections via scripts on big data

2007-2009: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd – Digital Content Manager, putting in place, maintaining, and upgrading scripts which process digital content as it is published and archived

2009-2010: Wiley Blackwell – Application Support Coordinator, communicating with employees and using shell code to perform large-scale digital operations on the data archive & related metadata

From 2006 to 2015 was been the main producer of DVDs and online pay-per-view videos of Ultimate in Europe, covering all the major European Club Championships and UK Nationals tournaments – http://www.pushpass.co.uk

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