Hex & Flex rising in Germany & Belgium

Full Game Analysis – AUDL Raleigh Flyers vs Dallas Roughnecks

This is a 2hr recording from a live stream of Felix going through the latest AUDL game footage, providing his insight and analysis along the way!

Felix reacts to Ryan’s ‘8 Secrets to Longer Forehands in Ultimate Frisbee’ video

Felix reacts to Frank’s ‘Triple Threat applied to Ultimate Frisbee’ video

Felix reacts to Frank’s new video on the Triple Threat Principle – Let’s Be Frank EP2, and digests the key parts of the video.

Analysis: 7 Revolver turnovers vs New York’s poaching defence – 2018 Men’s Pro Championship Final

7 of Revolver’s 14 turnovers against New York in the 2018 US Men’s Pro Championship Final, broken down and analysed by Felix.
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