Clapham v Chevron – Analysis of dominant defence leading to a footblock

Transcript: In this video I’ll look at Clapham’s intense defence which results in a turnover against Chevron at a critical point in the Tour 3 2017 Final. First look at … Continue Reading →

WUGC2016: Japan v USA – Every turnover of the match analysed

Audio/video analysis of each of the nine turnovers in the Worlds Final from last year. Transcript: In this video I’m going to look individually at each of the nine turnovers … Continue Reading →

Japan v USA – Analysis of USA defensive confusion allowing Matsuno score

Trying out a new style of analysis which I hope to use more in the future. Japan move the disc away from the end zone they are attacking; defensive confusion … Continue Reading →

WCBU 2017: Playing for GB Men’s Masters

I returned from the World Championships of Beach Ultimate 2017 a couple of weeks ago. The journey started back in September last year when trials were announced. I originally signed … Continue Reading →