Felix going to Macedonia

Felix will be flying to Macedonia on 3rd-12th May 2016, to run a few workshops with teachers / students, and several sessions in high schools in Skopje, under a program … Continue Reading →

Mixed Tour 2 2016

Videos from Mixed Tour 2 2016 are up, including the FINAL between JR and Brighton Breezy – follow ‘Videos -> FelixUltimate YouTube’ through the menus.

Uni Nationals 2016 Footage online

Push Pass have just published 18 games from Uni Nationals 2016 online, follow the Push Pass Videos link in our menu.

Advanced Flex – Part I: Counter-Strategies

Also available in French / en Français Flex vs Vertical Stack If the opponents create a vertical stack, you should surround the stack as illustrated – this is also called … Continue Reading →

Mixed Tour 1 2016

Videos are uploaded to the YouTube channel – Ireland v Breezy coming on Monday… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzI8gchZtzKsI7olyWI6bwQ/videos

Technical analysis – Karlinsky’s 6 seconds leading up to a scoober

Danny Karlinsky #23 has the disc for Sockeye against Revolver in the Final of USAU Nationals 2015; In the short video below, we break down what exactly happens in the … Continue Reading →

The fallacy of “No Breaks”

We’re all familiar with the following situation; our team has turned over, the player we’re marking is walking to the disc, we’re putting a force on, and our sideline helpfully … Continue Reading →

Offences vs Defences: Training to counter your opponent effectively

Introduction: In this article I will be seeing how a selection of common offences match up to a selection of common defences in Ultimate, and whether any conclusions can be … Continue Reading →

Training Hex Offence with your team

Also available in French / en Français Hex is a new offence which most of your team will not have seen or played before – introducing it can be both … Continue Reading →

Catching / Throwing Technique

Clap catching: Clap catch at chest is most reliable catch when you have time and space Aim for perfection – both hands touch the center of the disc at the … Continue Reading →